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August 2021 Front Page Natural Scenting_

Baptism in Essential Oils

Add scent and Healing
to your Home
or Building!

OVER $25

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The Our Aroma Diffusing solutions offer easy operation for portable or fixed install units, bringing the scents and health benefits to your home, office, or business!

The Health benefits include-
* Mood and Relaxation Elevation
* Anti Microbial & Healthy Air wards off illness
* Improves Cognitive Function
* Assist is easy breathing
* Pain Relief

Essential oil and fragrance oil diffusing adds aromatherapy and scent through the HVAC systems of the building or home
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HVAC Diffusing

Portable Diffusing

Features of Fixed Install, HVAC Diffusing

  • Diffusing covers large spaces seamlessly

  • Cold Air Diffusion technology

  • Oils diffused evenly throughout the spaces

  • Quiet operation out of sight

  • Intelligent and Smart Diffusers follow your schedule

  • No concentration of residue from a single source portable diffuser

  • Larger oil bottles allow for extended diffusing and less maintenance

  • Digital touch screen controls and programming

  • Adds moisture to the air removed by HVAC or Heating systems

Features of Portable Diffusing

  • A strong and powerful scent

  • Oils diffused into microscopic mist

  • Quiet operation on firm surfaces

  • Conveniently change your scent or oil to set the desired mood 

  • Battery operated, allows for you to conveniently use outdoors and on camping trips

Aroma Emulsifying Recipe

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