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We scent

  • The Aroma Car Vent Clip unit fits all makes of cars vent. Easily clipped onto the air vent, and dispersing the scent and Essential Oils throughout the vehicle. The unit allows you to control the amount of airflow through the unit, adjusting the amount of oil scent diffused.


    The Aroma Car Vent Clip comes with 5 unscented wicks that allow you to add your own Aroma Essential or Fragrance oil. Add your own scent to your car, bus, or home with the reusable and environmentally friendly solution from Aroma.


    Get 2 units and 10 unscented wicks!

    Our Aroma Car Vent Clip Cylindrical Essential & Fragrance Oil Diffuser- 2 Pack

    SKU: ACS110-10
      • Nano-Room temperature atomization technology diffuses scent without the need for heat

      • Ideal for confined or personal spaces

      • 1 Year Warranty