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Our Aroma is a Natural Scenting Company!


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The Our Aroma  Tall Tower Diffuser is ideal for you to diffuse your essential or fragrance oils through atomization. Whether you are looking to relax indoors with beautiful scents, or benefit from aromatherapy, the Our Aroma Tall Tower Diffuser brings the right scent every time!


The atomization process diffuses pure oil, giving you a powerful burst of scent. Each unit will cover 3,000 Square feet of space and can run for long periods of time, just refill the 33 Fl Oz Essential Oil container. This White Design is ideal for every home and family as you host family and friends.


  • Natural - The Our Aroma Outdoor Diffuser uses pure Essential Oils to fill the air around you with natural scents. Burning candles pollutes your lungs. A Diffuser provides natural, pure, powerful, and healthy scenting.
  • Directly Atomize Essential and Fragrance Oils - Cold Air Diffusion Technology breaks down all essential oil types in micro-particle for pure, concentrated oil distribution. Small amounts of oil go a long way for scent and aromatherapy treatments
  • Super Quiet - With Our Design, Our Nebulizer Machine Produces Less Than 38 dB of Sound. Within minutes of starting, Up to 3,000 SqFt Will Be Benefiting From the Diffused Essential or Fragrance Oil Without the Added Noise.

Our Aroma Tall Tower Atomizing Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Areas

SKU: 3563774132799
Color: White
    • Nano-Room temperature atomization technology diffuses Essential oils and Fragrance oils

    • Ideal for single-story spaces and large commercial spaces

    • 5 Year Warranty

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