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Skin Volume

Your skin produces hair follicles, some are longer, thicker, and more densely grouped together. Some areas are covered with smaller follicles, while some areas totally bare from hair. Your hair is a protective agent against the harmful environment around you, your Aroma products will work with your personal epidermis characteristics to elevate your protection while offering you the confidence to take on anything in front of you!

Understanding the volume of hair impacts the way your customized products are mixed to ensure that the products are able to remain as an incense mist, leading and following you throughout your day.  

At any time that you place a product on your skin, you create a chemical reaction. These reactions occur whether you use synthetic or herbal "natural" products. Since your skin has its own unique PH (Power of Hydrogen), any product used needs to be used while understanding the variant of the PH balance of your skin and how it will impact the products used on it.

Aroma tests your skin PH and creates your personalized products using that PH balance to ensure that the products work effectively for you!

Skin PH
Skin Type

Your skin as unique as you! All your individualistic character traits and exclusive thoughts on the world around you make you, you!

As rare and variable as you are from the rest of those around you, so too is your skin. Perhaps your skin is oily, slightly oily, dry, or somewhere in between. Aroma hand mixes and blends the ideal, balanced products to suit your skin. Fragrances added to your exclusively engineered products ensure that not only is your skin pampered and sustained, but you will breeze in on a cloud of scents all day. 

People tend to forget that their skin is porous. Skin is not just a boundary between you and your environment, rather it is two way membrane filtering not only what encompasses you, but that which you consume. Your activities, your locations humidity and air quality impact how your skin acts and reacts to the products that you use to clean, refresh and moisturize.

In order for your fragrances, lotions, bath and shower products to have the desired results, the products used need to account and be adjusted to the environment that your skin is exposed to!

Skin Environment

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