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Our Aroma is a Natural Scenting Company!


We scent

The Product

Our Aroma - designs the personalized scented candle for you. Select the candle scent for the season blended with your favorite aroma!



You select 3 of the fragrance oils to be blended into your personalized candle, one from each of the Base, Middle and Top Note Scent sections, however you can have more from one per section if you wish, send us an email at 


Our Aroma then uses your selection to build not only the highest quality and performing candle. This candle is hand blended and created here in America of the finest quality ingredients (100% Organic Soy Wax)  from around the world. The perfect wick type for each specific fragrance is selected to ensure the very best quality burn.


Burn Time

65-75 hours


Made from Organic Soy wax.

Our Aroma Personalized 10 Oz Soy Wax Candle

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