The Aroma Automatic Hand Lotion or Soap Dispenser offers Hands-free dispensing to help reduce the spread of dirt, bacteria, and viruses. By placing your hand within the spray area, the Our Aroma Automatic Hand Lotion or Soap Dispenser can dispense 1 or 2 pumps of soap, depending on the programming.


The unit includes a 32 Fl Oz canister that can be re-filled as the hand lotion or soap levels drop. The product works best with the Aroma Hand Lotion or Soap and the  Aroma Foaming Hand Soap. These can be purchased in 1 Gallon Bottles separately for easy re-filling.



  • Can use C Size Batteries for remote, portable use
  • Can  be mounted to a wall, a fixed stand, a portable table Stand or a portable Stand
  • Dispensed quantity can be adjusted

Our Aroma Mounted Automatic Hand Lotion Dispenser

SKU: AHSD-003-032
89,95$ Precio
49,95$Precio de oferta
    • Use 4 C Size Batteries for remote, portable use
    • Can  be mounted to a wall, a fixed stand, a portable table stand, or a portable Stand
    • Dispensed quantity can be adjusted
    • Can use different nozzles to dispense different soaps. Liquid Soap or Foaming Soap.
    • 3 Year Warranty

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