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Our Aroma takes the powerful Essential Oil recipe from the Bokke Balm to disinfect your hands all naturally. Aroma uses our ancient African recipe to offer you a new, healthier and natural option for a Hand Sanitizer containing the equivalent recipe of the Bokke Balm. The Hand Sanitizer offers the same disinfecting properties to the herbal Bokke Balm, knowing that you are using "safe" Essential Oils rather than toxic chemicals. The key ingredients in the Bokke Balm and now Hand Sanitizer are effective in cleansing and disinfecting without stripping your skin, using an Essential Oil recipe to sanitize your hands from the germs that you come in contact with at school, the office or home.



The Essential oils included in Aroma's Bokke recipe will achieve the following results;

Camphor Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Thyme Oil 

Clove Leaf 


Art of Perfuming

The Hand Sanitizer comes in convenient packaging for easy application for your hands.

Aroma Bokke Hand Sanitizer 16 Oz Spray Bottle

  • All orders are custom made and processed in an expediate manner. Shipping is always complimentary from Aroma, however if you wish to expedite any order, the expediting fee is $25 per order. In order to expedite, please contact Aroma by email 

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