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Say Goodbye to the Mosquitos and Bugs!

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Naturally, Repel

Mosquitos and Bugs

Summer days can feel glorious after a long winter. Until now, hot and sunny days have been filled with mosquitos and other bugs! 

STOP Burning Candles!

Diffuse the PURE Citronella Blend Oils with the Our Aroma Outdoor Diffuser to ward off bugs and mosquitos. The pure Essential Oil blend is diffused by Cold Air Diffusion technology to make sure that you can enjoy your time outdoors without any pests!

  • Stronger Scent with Less Oil

  • Fully portable and spill-free

  • Change your scent or oil

Picnic Bug Free.jpg

Enjoy Your Backyard Again!

The Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors & Patios creates a barrier around the unit immediately. The Diffuser produces the fine mist once it is turned on, creating the barrier that mosquitos and bugs do not want to pass.

The fine Citronella Essential Oil Blend mist will float in the area around you. keeping the insects 20ft from the Diffuser.

The is NO foul smell, and there is no health hazard for you and your family!

Enjoy The
Great Outdoors

Portable and convenient, you can run this Diffuser anywhere! If you are camping in the great outdoors, the Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors will keep you from being the mosquitos meal.

The Citronella Essential Oil Blend will also keep spiders and other crawling bugs away from your campsite!

Camping Family with Diffuser.jpg
Lunch Party

Say Goodbye
to Bugs and Mosquitos!

  • Natural - The Our Aroma Outdoor Diffuser uses pure Essential Oils to fill the air around you with the Citronella Essential Oil Blend. Burning candles pollutes your lungs. A Diffuser provides natural, pure, powerful, and healthy scenting.

  • Portable - This unit uses 3 AA Size Batteries (Not Supplied), and Can diffuse Many times before requiring New Batteries. Used anywhere giving you the freedom to be bug-free anywhere outdoors

  • Directly Atomize Essential and Fragrance Oils - Cold Air Diffusion Technology breaks down all essential oil types in micro-particle for pure, concentrated oil distribution. Small amounts of oil go a long way for scent and aromatherapy treatments

  • Super Quiet - With Our Design, Our Nebulizer Machine Produces Less Than 38 dB of Sound. Within minutes of starting, Up to 300 SqFt Will Be Benefiting From the Diffused Essential or Fragrance Oil Without the Added Noise.

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